Astronomer Proposal Tool

The Astronomer’s Proposal Tool (APT) is used to write, validate and submit proposals for the James Webb Space Telescope. APT is an integrated toolset consisting of editors for filling out proposal information, an Orbit Planner for determining feasibility of the observations, a Visit Planner for determining schedulability, diagnostic and reporting tools, a Bright Object Tool for performing bright object checks, and eventually an integrated tool which will be based on Aladin for viewing exposure specifications overlaid on FITS images.

An important tool when elaborating a proposal is the field of regard of the JWST: the figure below illustrates the great coverage of the telescope. Field_of_Regard

The Space Telescope Science Institute is pleased to announce the release of APT 25.0.3 and its associated documentation. This is the version of APT that needs to be used to support HST Cycle 25 Phase I submissions. This is also the version that should be used to support JWST Early Release Science (ERS) and Guaranteed Time Observers (GTO).

The latest official version of APT 25.0 is available at this link : It is worth noting that APT 24.3 should not be deleted  if you are planning to submit an HST Mid Cycle proposal.  The deadline for these proposals is 1/31/17, and they cannot be submitted with APT 25.0.3. Also note that STScI is working on an additional patch, APT 25.0.4, which is expected within march 2017.

Several JWST community oriented products and tools had been launched at the January 2017 AAS meeting and provided the following links to the main elements:

  • JDOX:
  • ETC:
  • ERS CfP:
  • JWST Help Desk:

The HST Cycle 25 Call for Proposals and Science Justification Templates can be found on the Cycle 25 announcement website at:

Please remember that the HST Cycle 25 Phase I Deadline is 8:00pm EDT on April 07, 2017.

The JWST ERS and GTO documentation can be found at:

APT can be downloaded from our APT website at:

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