The European Week for Astrophysics and Science Science (EWASS)


The European Astronomical Society (EAS) will held its annual conference in Prague, Czech Republic, 26-30 June 2017. The conference is expected to welcome arond 1000 astrophysicists from all over Europe. During the conference, a Special Session will be dedicated to the JWST as part of ESA and the MIRI European Consortium efforts to ready the European Scientific community to take full advantage of its capabilities and to be able to prepare observing programs. The overall aim of this Special Session is to prepare the community to the use of all of the 4 JWST instruments and to describe the science which is already thought, since the Guarantee Time Observations (GTO) will have been made public at the time of the conference. In order to achieve the goal of this Special Session, some of these programs will be taken as representative examples for describing the observing mode that are proposed for each of them and how were used the available tools in the building of the proposal.

Due to the reduced amount of time and to the scope of this Special Session, talks will be given by invited speakers only. However, a maximum of 20 posters will be allowed. Participants should send to the organizing committee a brief summary of proposed posters (,,


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