Guaranteed Time Observations (GTO)

Approximately 16% of the observing time over the first three cycles will be allocated to Guaranteed Time Observers, including the Principal Investigators of the four science instruments, the U.S. MIRI Science Lead and Science Team members and the six Interdisciplinary Scientists (IDS) and the Telescope Scientists. Those GTOs are preparing their Cycle 1 proposals for submission on April 1 2017, and the final list of observations will be released to the community by June 15 2017. those observations may not be duplicated without a clear scientific justification by subsequent proposals submitted in response to either the Director’s discretionary Early Release Science (DD ERS) Call or the Cycle 1 General Observer Call.The individual documents collected here have been provided by the GTOs as a preliminary guide to the community regarding the science projects and celestial targets included in the Cycle 1 program.

JWST Guaranteed Time Observers:

  • NIRCam PI (900 hours): Marcia Rieke
  • NIRSpec team (900 hours): Pierre Ferruit (PI)
  • US MIRI Science Lead (210 hours): George Rieke
  • US MIRI Science Teams members (3×60 hours) : Tom Greene, Margaret Meixner, Mike Ressler [60 hours]
  • US STScI Scientists (5×12 hours): Christine Chen, Scott Friedman, Karl Gordon, Dean Hines, Alberto Noriega-Crespo [12 hours]
  • European MIRI team (450 hours): Gillian Wright (PI)
  • FGS/NIRISS team (450 hours): René Doyon (PI)
  • U.S. Telescope Scientist (210 hours): Matt Mountain
  • Interdisciplinary Scientists (6 x 110 hours) : Heidi Hammel, Simon Lilly, Jonathan Lunine, Mark McCaughrean, Massimo Stiavelli, Rogier Windhorst.

    As specified in NASA Policy 9, the total GTO allocation of 4020 hours will be utilised over the first 30 months following the commissioning phase. The sum total of all GTO time must be between 25% and 49% of the total time observing time for GTOs and GOs in Cycle 1.


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