APT 25.4.2 and ETC Released

December 18, 2017: APT 25.4.2 and ETC 1.1 Released

APT version 25.4.2 has been formally released. You can download a copy  from



You can read What’s New on http://www.stsci.edu/hst/proposing/apt/whats_new_jwst/, and watch training videos on http://apst.stsci.edu/apt/external/help/jwst_whats_new.html.

In addition, JWST ETC version 1.1 features faster performance, new target acquisition modes, improved timing models, and more: see the Release Notes for details.

As a note, when you log in to the ETC 1.1, your old workbooks will be marked « Out of Date »:

  • When you load them, they will open in Read-Only mode: this ensures that your version 1.0 results are not overwritten and remain available to you for reference.
  • If you copy an out of date workbook, and load the copy, all its calculations will be automatically updated for you with the current version of the software.
  • For more information, see « ETC 1.1 and Out-of-Date Workbooks« 
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