Workshop JWST for the French community

The deadline for observing time with the JWST, April 6th, is coming soon. In order to continue preparing the French community for the best scientific use of the offered capabilities on-board the JWST, a workshop will be held at the CNES premises on February 13th. In particular, the latest news will be presented, including the available tools required to build a proposal (ETC, APT), as well as the observing programmes which will be conducted during the guaranteed time and those which will be conducted in the frame of the ERS (Early Release Science), focusing on the programmes involving a French participation (for the record, data obtained during these observations will be immediately available to the community at large) and the experience acquired through their preparation.

The detailed agenda is available at . The possibility of participating in the workshop through a web connection is under study. Anybody interested in such a facility should inform Pierre-Olivier Lagage ASAP (


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